Cyborgs,Vampires,and Assassins

which fictional character do i remind you of; looks and/or personality?


DId a livestream and didnt expect to have created a new character all of a sudden.
Behold ! An Evil Lion-Shark.

It was so hard to figure out how to combine a Lion and a Shark but I did it hahahaha

Also here is a doodle of Teddy from Persona 4 xD

    Shout at my muse to see how they respond:

  •  "I shouldn’t be in love with you!"
  •  "It’s not fair!"
  •  "I could kill you right now!"
  •  "Knock it off!"
  •  "Screw you!"
  •  "You’re a complete moron!"
  •  "I love this song!"
  •  "Bring that here!"
  •  "I hate you!"
  •  "I’m pissed off!"
  •  "Make me!"
  •  "I wish you’d never been born!"
  •  "I bought ice cream!"
  •  "Kiss my ass!"
  •  "Shut up!"
  •  "I can’t do it anymore!"
  •  "Take me home!"
  •  "Just kiss me already!
  •  "I can't be in love with you!"
  •  "I can't believe this!"
  •  "Piss off!"
  •  "I wish things were that simple!"
  •  "I love you!"
  •  "Jump off a bridge!"
  •  "You’re so hot!"


Imagine getting some bad news/finding out something awful. You are an anxious wreck because of it, but your favorite character notices and jumps in to save the day. They sit down next to you, pull you in against their chest, and gently comb their fingers through your hair as you spill your guts to them and tell them what happened and how you feel. After finishing, they express their sympathies and give you advice in a quiet, soothing voice before scooping you into their lap and slowly rocking you back and forth. You quickly calm down and relax, so much that you get sleepy, and they lie down with you and let you fall asleep against them. Before finally dozing off, they tell you they will always be there for you, will never hurt you, and that they will always love you no matter what.