Shay Cormac doll

made by The Stitchy Button on etsy

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imagine your icon making soup/porridge for you because your icon found you outside, shivering to death because of the cold weather

As you may have guess, my family and I don’t celebrate Halloween. I won’t bore you with the details on that (though, I will answer if you ask why~).

 But there is a few fings that I do enjoy ‘bout Devil’s Day; Gothic/Guro content asplosion, potential of new Creature Feature album, and new Machigerita singles~~~.


     i used to dream, 

     but then,

     one by one,


     they began to turn into 


     so I stopped.

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Sing for me A N G E L O F A F T E R L I F E,

  Calming me down; Chaos inside my nebula!

When all wrong turns to right in celestial light,

   Forgive my  S A C R I M O N Y….

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Elize Ryd at Kamelot’s Sacrimony (Angel of Afterlife) requested by alwaysfrancisvalois

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is there anything worse than hearing your own recorded voice i think no

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