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royal-hellhounds replied to your post “royal-hellhounds said: I was looking to get the DXHR collector’s…”

150?! *has a seizure and rolls away* Thats a tad bit, but that Jensen figure is worth it. Also, thanks for the hashtag compliments! I’m fairly new here, so things like that matter! (RoyalHellhounds are Adam Jensen’s favorite cigarette brand btw)

Yyyeaahhhh, it is a bit crazy, but you are right, worth it~! I mean, basically, at 105,that’s even CHEAPER than buying Adi by himself, and at 150, that’s like 70-90% of his price, soooooo…~

   Hhhaaaa,of course~!!> w< I wish you well with the new blog,then; it’s really coooolll,I love it~!e ve

   ((I DID NOT KNOW THAT!! O WO That’s really cccooolll,wwahhh, it’s amazing all the details people think of for characters anymmoooree~!))

royal-hellhounds said: I was looking to get the DXHR collector’s edition too. Any idea on how much it costs?? Also, I recommend getting the director’s cut if you haven’t already. The graphics are a lot better and come with a multitude of different bonuses!

well, I only checked ebay, but it looks loke it is mostly in the 105-150 range, thankfully~! I’ll have to check Amazon later, though, to see what they have~!
And I do have it~!:D
A good friend of mine got it for mmmeeee~!e ve It’s pre’great; my only real problem with it is some glaring graphic glitches that weren’t present in the original and a framerate issue that’s kinda BAD. Especially when you’re trying to build up an HQ DXHR reference database~!xD

I am extremely worried about starting work today, but I am keeping myself from screaming by finking about how I will finally be able to get to save up and finally have the DXHR collector’s edition so I can cannibalize it for the the game and its DLCs to give to Mama JEsseh and have the art book and Adi figure I have so desperately wanted for myself and after that,save for my forever baby BJD, Souldoll’s Vampire Kagel. And I will make sure I save enough to have him faced up as my Jacob~<3.

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Anonymous PATHO. stupid team sarif headcanons? idk I'm ill and can't think of any that'd make me happier 


Oh noooooo I’m sorry you’re not well, friend, let’s see if I can do something to help

On those days when work runs late — which is, for better or worse, most days at this point — the three of them all end up in Pritchard’s office eventually.

Prichard, of course, spends most of his time there anyway, frequent trips to the vending machine for cup o’ noodles he doesn’t really want to eat notwithstanding. One of their coworkers, upon observing his expression as he filled the styrofoam container with scalding water, asked why he didn’t just bring a lunch if he hated the vending machine food so much. Pritchard just blinked at him, very slowly.

"You’re assuming I actually go home," he said, finally, and no one questioned his eating habits much after that.

Faridah tends to dislike offices on general principle. They lack the vibrant tang of grease, the exhilarating whiff of electronics and ozone, the comforting rumble of engines and gears and smoothly moving parts. Her own office feels unbearably stuffy, tiny for all that it’s easily three times the size of the cockpits she’s used to. She uses it only when she absolutely has to, and a fine layer of dust has accumulated on her desk and most of the shelves.

Pritchard’s office, though. That’s another story. It’s huge, and the orange glow of the terminals on the far end feel just enough like the lights of her cockpit to set her at ease. Pritchard, often hidden behind them or buried in a tangle of electronics somewhere, speaks with the same disembodied sarcasm she’s used to hearing over the comm. Sometimes, when he’s feeling charitable, he lets her tinker with his bike. Sometimes, when she’s feeling charitable, she hands over her leftovers and takes the cup o’ noodle for herself. They don’t talk much, but then again, they’ve never really needed to.

And then there’s Adam.

Adam, who awkwardly lurks in the doorway as though Pritchard’s office, even now, is unfamiliar territory. As though he doesn’t want to go home, even though his apartment is nicer and probably more expensive than Pritchard’s and Faridah’s put together, as if he’s unsure of his welcome despite Faridah’s easy invitations and Pritchard’s far more annoyed ones. Most of the time Pritchard’s got some level of patience for that sort of thing — at least, a lot more patience than he might’ve had once upon a time — but tonight this fucking program isn’t compiling properly and Faridah’s not sharing her dinner and he’s been awake for more than twenty-seven hours and he’s just…sick of it.

"No," he snaps, when a familiar shape suddenly looms just outside the door. "No, no, no. Either get the fuck in here, or go brood dramatically in your own office, all right? I don’t have time for this today.”

Jensen looks a little taken aback. “I don’t…I don’t brood,” he says after a moment.

"Yes, you do," Faridah says. She dunks a falafel into the little container of tzatziki and pops it into her mouth. "I don’t know that you’re particularly dramatic about it, but—"

"Look, would you just get in here?" Pritchard says. "I threw in five bucks for that takeout and now she won’t share. Talk some sense into her."

"Pfft, listen to you. Five bucks didn’t even cover the tip, you ass.”

"Not my fault you didn’t go with the place up the street like I told you to,” Pritchard says, and watches, out of the corner of his eye, as Adam slowly edges into the room and takes one of the proffered takeout boxes.

"Oh my god," he says. "I can’t believe you’re giving him some and not me. This is completely and utterly unfair."

Adam glances up at him, one side of his mouth tilting wryly. “That’s because she likes me better than you.”

"Lies," Pritchard says as Faridah snickers, "lies and slander," and he can’t quite manage to hide his own smile when Adam hands the takeout box to him next.


Adam Jensen and Lady Ex by Nozhk.

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Twenty-two years ago, I stood where I stand now - and watched my loved ones die, betrayed by those I had called friends. Vengeance clouded my mind. It would have consumed me, were it not for the wisdom of a few strangers, who taught me to look past my instincts. They never preached answers, but guided me to learn from myself. We don’t need anyone to tell us what to do. Not Savonarola, not the Medici. We are free to follow our own path. There are those who will take that freedom from us, and too many of you gladly give it. But it is our ability to choose - whatever you think is true - that makes us human… There is no book or teacher to give you the answers, to show you the path. Choose your own way. Do not follow me. Or anyone else.

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baguette-assassin replied to your post “Weh,so as of tomorrow, Drac is starting a jooobb~! Yey, no more…”

good luck in you job! and I’m sure you’ll find some time for tumblr :D

Weehhh,thank yyouu~!! e ve

Ahahah,prolly; Drac has gotten pretty good at striking and going over the last few years, and all~!xD

  Though,I’ll prolly have the evenings to myself??? At least until I start school stuff(whenever that happens,OTL, we’re really,really,really busy right now, so I dunno when that will be—)) , so I might be around then~!