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Hai, I'm Dracula~.Loli, Conspiracy Chaser, Derpsassin and occasional PKMN Trainer; has an extremely unhealthy crush on Adam Jensen~. I like to draw,write, and fangirl (especially over Conspiracy Chasers and Assassins~) and you'll find all the above here~. Let's be friends~<3.
Please help me with points~! If I get enough, I can get my dream games and use the rest to spoil my friends~!; w;
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Full-sized Gabry and A Gabry Ref to replace his text one on his RP blog~!

The city in the background of his ref is one of the pictures I took of Atlanta while we were moving~. ….There were more but most of them turned out white because I couldn’t figure out how to get to bright light settings on my camera. Blah,it sucks,man; Atlanta is way cool,even if I’d never wanna live there~. Big cities are pretty….but not to live there~.

Posted on 9th Mar 2013 at 8:24am
Tagged as #Gabriel Jotun #Vampirus Ex #Original Character #Full Image #Ref Image #Cyberpunk
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