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Hai, I'm Dracula~.Loli, Conspiracy Chaser, Derpsassin and occasional PKMN Trainer; has an extremely unhealthy crush on Adam Jensen~. I like to draw,write, and fangirl (especially over Conspiracy Chasers and Assassins~) and you'll find all the above here~. Let's be friends~<3.
Please help me with points~! If I get enough, I can get my dream games and use the rest to spoil my friends~!; w;
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An OOLLDDD design I FIHNALLY finished, Fizzeh’s new character, Elezia and Drac about to go Overlass on someone~.

Posted on 31st Mar 2013 at 2:40pm with 2 notes
Tagged as #Elezia Cypher #Old Design #Snow man #Personification #Dracula Cypher #Never Surrender #Combichrist #Fizzeh Character #Original Characters
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